Tackling Dog Fouling

The Problem

Y Garn Goch, an Iron Age hillfort in the Western part of the Brecon Beacons National Park was becoming overgrown with bracken and other foilage. The site is common land, and several graziers have rights to graze the site. However, graziers were reluctant to put their livestock on the site, as they were worried about the impact of dog fouling and disturbance. Dog poo contains toxins which can impact the health of livestock and disturbance from dogs can lead to injuries and even fatalities. A survey of the site using GPS, found that dog foling was mostly contained to within 200m of hte car park.

The Solution

Working with conservation grazing charity PONT, we decided that the introduction of new signage at the car park was essential, this would allow graziers to indicate to visitors when livestock were on site. We also introduced a compostable bag dispenser, and a dog poo wormery, at the car park. The wormery allows dog faeces to be broken down into fertiliser and requires minimal maintenance. After the intorduction of the intervention, dog fouling on site decreased by 95% (from 105, to 5 counts of dog fouling).